prescription drugsHas your employer instituted a Drug-Free Workplace policy yet? According to the American Council for Drug Education, since the act was passed in 1988, more than half (57%) of all employers have begun drug testing all employee. Even though the act did not mandate drug testing, federal agencies started testing soon after the act was passed to provide safe workplaces and many private organizations followed suit.

So whether employees like it or not, drug testing is here to stay.  Studies show that drug testing deters drug use in the workplace and employers are trying to protect themselves in our litigious society. Due to drug testing, drug use in the workplace has declined 74% in the past 25 years.  If someone is hurt because an employee was using drugs on the job, it is possible that the employer will be sued.

Florida’s death rate from prescription drug use has also fallen due to stricter drug laws for prescribing pain medications, such as oxycodone, one of the most addictive prescription drugs on the market. This provides hope that drug testing, drug-free workplace policies and stricter prescribing laws and enforcement of those laws can save lives, not only for those who use drugs themselves, but for those who are put at risk by others’ use.

You may not like a policy of drug testing, but you most likely appreciate being safer from the effects of drug abuse and misuse!

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